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Arctic Food lab — Local flavours and experiences

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Images of Clean Arctic Nature

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Northern Delicacies to the World

Northern Finland’s short but intensive summer ripens our local ingredients. Arctic Food Lab is a programme that brings forth the ingredients that have grown under the Oulu2026 region’s Northern sky, and the uniqueness of traditional food born under arctic circumstances. We want to offer locals and international guests Arctic Food Lab experiences that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Arctic Food Lab brings together those operating in gastronomy and food culture in the Oulu region, and celebrates Northern cuisine and gastronomy. Food is not just nourishment but a way to provide experiences and demonstrate hospitality. Arctic Food Lab creates images of clean arctic nature and its ingredients that have been refined with local know-how into high quality products and services. Local food supports sustainable development and achievement of climate goals.

The Arctic Food Lab programme is implemented in phases, beginning from autumn 2021.

Criteria to Participate in the Programme:

  • Product or dish has been made in the Oulu2026 region, for example, groceries, restaurant’s dish or signature menu
  • Majority of ingredients used in a product or service are mainly sourced from the region
  • For its part, the product advances the principles of sustainable and environmentally friendly development in the different phases of its production, packaging and distribution
  • Those organisations who receive the trademark share the Arctic Food Lab values: courage, fairness and responsibility
  • There is an interesting story behind the product or service receiving the trademark
  • In addition to the trademark itself, the packaging or menu will shortly share information about the Arctic Food Lab trademark and Northern cuisine
  • In exceptional cases, the criteria can be discussed

A contract between Oulu Culture Foundation and the organisation will be made regarding the use of the trademark.

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If you are interested, please contact:

Asta Salomaa, asta.salomaa@ouka.fi 
Producer for the Arctic Food Lab Programme

Piia Rantala-Korhonen, piia.rantala-korhonen@ouka.fi
Director of Oulu2026 

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